New Vehicles

At we can facilitate ANY and ALL NEW vehicle inquiry’s!

We understand that while we provide numerous previously owned vehicle options, some of our valued customers do decide to purchase or lease new vehicles as well.

This is where our 15 plus years of experience in the automotive sales industry shine! Having numerous contacts with every brand, make and model in Ontario we can insure the absolute best value and service available in the market! Our licensed representatives at are more that happy provide you with any and all payment information necessary to ensure you are receiving the best possible opportunity available while guiding you through the process every step of the way. We will ensure your buying experience is seamless and convenient while most importantly keeping it fun! Turnover is incredibly high in the auto industry and that is where we at shine! Having connections for all major makes and models allows us the ability to appeal to the entire market as opposed to one make, this ensures that the representatives at will be available moving forward for any and all automotive needs.

For any and all New Vehicle inquiry’s simple e-mail our sales team at we will be more than happy to assist in answering any questions as well as providing you with any pricing information. You can browse through the manufactures model line-up below.

We look forward to assisting in the best vehicle purchasing experience you have ever had!

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